Who We Are

An Elite Brotherhood of Men Who Are Connected at Profound Levels
and Who Are Committed to Elevating All Domains of Life.

What We Do

Rarity is a membership based framework specifically designed for men to elevate. Rarity provides its exclusive members FULL ACCESS to:

  • COACHING : Engaging around a specific topic with an elevated perspective
  • INTERACTIVE EXERCISE : Tactical training ~ mindset and bio hacking
  • ELITE SPEAKERS : Be inspired by warriors who are actually “producing”
  • IMPLEMENTATION PLAN : Proven steps to achieve results
  • KNOWLEDGE LIBRARY : Full access to previous training’s, speakers & downloads

Topics Include:

  • Profitability
  • Parenting
  • Fitness
  • Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Mind Hacking
  • Sexuality
  • Masculinity
  • Bio Hacking
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Skill Building
  • Sales
  • Investing
  • Technology
We serve entrepreneurs, businessmen and fathers in a connected, integrated community atmosphere.


we do it

Because none of us is greater than a brotherhood, tribe, or pact.


Rarity Meets 2 Saturday’s per Month

WHERE: Beverly Hills

WHEN: 9a – 12:15p

  • Elite Brotherhood

  • Monthly Association Meetings

  • Elite Speakers

  • High Level Discussions

  • Breakfast Included

First Time / Guest Registration

$35 Single Ticket Pass
$50 Two Ticket Pass (Per Guest)

Full Access Membership

Upcoming @ Rarity

We’re hands on, interactive, with high level discussions on steroids.

  • WE solve the most important issues we face as men
  • WE discuss what is most relevant to our passions and ambitions
  • WE ask for what we want, and deliver for each other.

That’s How We Roll!

The Male Brain

Why Men Do What They do

The most powerful thing a man can discover is WHY he does what he does. Understanding how testosterone can cloud or clarify his vision. As a man, we are hard wired in a way to produce and perform yet many still feel unfulfilled. This discussion uncovers the 3 parts of man, his mind, his purpose and his body and how to integrate!

Modern Men Investing

Money management or financial leadership

What is the formula to build wealth? We’ve all experience major changes in the economy over the past 10 years. Now what? Learning how to plan and lead what you have now, and position yourself for wealth creation, investing and security is vital for a man’s legacy. Our plan includes health, purpose and strenghts as a an investment plan.


For centuries societies survived by forming tribes. Knowing why and how your tribe does what they do allows you to create effective messages to them. It’s no longer about demographics but understanding how your tribes makes decisions.


Leaverage or get leveraged

Keep it simple, make life & business easier. TIME is our greatest asset and technology can support it. New and upcoming technology, apps and ways to upgrade your current business, our lives and how to manage technology in our future while giving us our TIME back.

Comeback Men

How to eliminate failure for good.

What if failure didn’t exist? Part of protecting and building legacy is learning how to deal with set backs, failures and make a comeback. Here from men who have lost millions, suffered divorce and health tragedies. What they did to regain their life and reinvent themselves. The found of Ugg boats and more share their true stories and strategies.

The Multi-orgasmic Man & The Female Sex Brain

Live demonstration, no we won’t be nude! Men are also multi orgasmic, we just need practice. How can men experience deeper levels of sexuality that enriches and enlivens us? Can we allow sex to become a creative and empowering activity that creates repeated breakthroughs in our lives? Includes lessons in multi orgasmic techniques as it relates to empowering women to have a deeper, richer and divine experience with masculine leading the way.


Rarity Speakers include:

  • Jay Wong

  • Yakov Smirnoff

  • Garson Silver

  • Don Tolman

  • Scott Demoulin

  • Dr. Paul Scheele

  • Dr. Lise Janelle

  • Dr. Ray Doktor

About Coach Carl

Carl Logrecco (Coach Carl™) started his coaching company in La Jolla, California in 2000, using a pre-paid cellphone working out of his truck. Seventeen years later, he’s at the forefront of the world’s most innovative program committed to revolutionizing businessmen, entrepreneurs and fathers into dynamic men who live powerfully.

Coach Carl’s dynamic approach has been featured by The Los Angeles Business Journal, PR Newswire and many more. He’s written several ground-breaking books, including Sell Yourself Rich (2009), and his best-seller Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women (2011). He’s due to launch Setback Now Forward, Having the Courage to Rise Again, Solo Dads Are Superheroes, and Connect & They Will Buy in 2017.

Over the past 17 years, Carl has personally coached hundreds of doctors in practice management and patient communications, and facilitated more than 100 seminars in personal transformation for doctors and children. In 2015, he became a prizefighter for setback survival, reinventing his entire company to focus on elevating men by providing them with a framework to overcome physical and emotional challenges for a deeper, more raw and accomplished journey.